Sewing/Care Instructions

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Sewing Tips:
– we like to reinforce the stitching where the handle meets the bag for extra sturdiness.
– try adjusting the handles to see which length you like best. The pattern above has longish handles – great for a shoulder bag, but possibly too long if you like to hold the straps in your hand.
– make sure the handles don’t get twisted as you attach them to the top of the bag!

Caring for your Boomerang Bag

Use your bag with common sense – because each bag is unique, we can’t specify a maximum weight, but any bag has a breaking point. Your Boomerang Bag will definitely outperform a standard disposable plastic grocery bag.
We use many different types of fibres to make Boomerang Bags – sometimes even we don’t know what’s in the fabric! So here’s a set of washing instructions that will work for just about anything:
1. Get it dirty!
2. Then, machine or hand wash in cold water. Turn the bag inside out first to protect the printed pocket, and to get all those broccoli bits out of the bottom.
3. Hang bag to dry for maximum earth-saving effect (you can smooth out wrinkles with your hands first, or give it a sharp snap). Alternatively, you can tumble dry on low heat. Remove from dryer while still warm to prevent wrinkles.
4. Ironing: if you are sure that it’s cotton, go ahead and iron it if you like! Iron on the inside/wrong side of the bag to avoid touching the logo ink. The little produce bags are very often NOT COTTON and are made of polyester or nylon that may be damaged by heat. Don’t iron these.
If if you see that your Boomerang Bag needs repair, find a friend with a sewing machine to patch it up, or bring it to a local Repair Cafe. Check out the Ottawa Tool Library page for some options!
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