Volunteer / Get Involved / Donate

We are looking for all kinds of people with all kinds of skills – sewing, crafting, woodworking, public relations, organizing, you name it! We’re also looking for fabric donations – anything sturdy and woven (i.e. not stretchy) is great. If you would like to save the world, then we would like to save it with you. 🙂

You can attend one of our events (check the Events page) or pick an activity that works for you. For example, we have Stealth Makers who like to pick up logo patches and/or fabric, make the bags, and then drop them off on their own schedule. To donate fabric, send us an email and we will find a way to get the fabric from you to us. Whatever you want to do, let’s make it work!

You can connect with our facebook group or look up our parent organization, boomerang bags (we are on the big map – click the pin at our location)! Or you can send us a message directly by emailing us at boomerangbagsottawa@gmail.com.

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